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Welcome to my user page. I've been an editor on various Wikimedia projects since 2011. In real life, I provide technical support for hardware and have also worked as an independent journalist. My primary interests span theology, cryptography, and Nintendo consoles and video games. Outside of these pursuits, I enjoy photography and crafting fiction.

Wikimedians of Costa Rica

I have actively contributed to establishing a Wikimedia User Group in my home country. Despite encountering significant challenges and struggling to secure genuine commitment, our efforts have allowed us to convene as Wikimedians in Costa Rica. We regularly gather to discuss our initiatives, commemorated Wikipedia's 15th anniversary, and actively participated in events such as wikifemhackcr.


I had the privilege of attending Iberoconf 2014 in Buenos Aires as a representative of Wikimedians in Costa Rica. It was a fantastic experience where I connected with fellow offline contributors who share my language and a passion for advancing Wikimedia Projects. This event provided valuable insights into effective strategies for inspiring fellow Wikimedians in my home country.

Additionally, I actively participated in the Wiki Tour Argentina 2014 photo contest organized by Wikimedia Argentina during my stay.


At Wikimania 2014

Wikimania 2013

Attending Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong was a significant experience for me, made possible by a scholarship from the Wikimedia Foundation. It marked my inaugural opportunity to meet fellow Wikimedians face-to-face. The conference not only provided valuable insights into enhancing contributions to online and offline projects but also served as a catalyst for my involvement in initiatives within my home country. Moreover, it ignited my interest in exploring more effective ways to contribute through bot-assisted edits.

The joy I derived from this experience extended to my commitment in translating a substantial amount of information for its wiki page.

Wikimania 2014

I participated in Wikimania 2014 in London, thanks to a similar scholarship. On this occasion, I had the opportunity to engage in conversations with a diverse group of attendees and attended numerous insightful lectures. I even submitted my own presentation titled Free knowledge, free software, free cryptography user, although it regrettably did not make it through the selection process.

Despite the rejection, my time at the event led to a fantastic opportunity. I was interviewed by Victor Grigas, discussing my interests in utilizing robust cryptography in journalism. This interview was later featured as For freedom of information on the Wikimedia Blog.

I also attempted to organize a PGP key signing party, but unfortunately, we couldn't execute it entirely. I may consider giving it another try in the future.

Wikimania 2016

I had the opportunity to participate in Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario, thanks to a scholarship. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend due to unforeseen circumstances. Nevertheless, I made valuable contributions by providing translations on the conference wiki.


Among various types of edits, which include minor corrections and countering vandalism, I have authored numerous articles. Some of these articles involve translations of pre-existing content.

Article in Catalan

Articles in English

Article in Galician

Article in Latin

Articles in Spanish


My primary focus on this project revolves around ensuring its quality and long-term upkeep. Consequently, I predominantly collaborated with a bot, although I did contribute a few entries myself.


Entries made with a bot


My primary focus is incorporating quotes from individuals I admire. Additionally, I've contributed to minor edits facilitated by automated tools.



I primarily assisted through the use of bots, but I also made some additional, more personalized contributions.



I am primarily focused on providing access to the legal regulations of my home country.



I've actively participated in translating numerous news articles, incorporating reports sourced from various news websites, and producing a handful of original reports.

Additionally, I proposed the implementation of an open proxy editing feature on Spanish Wikinews. However, garnering more support for this initiative is essential.

Articles in English

Articles in Spanish


I have an interest in bots, although I'm not a programmer or anything like that. I simply utilize Pywikibot for my tasks. Nevertheless, I've contributed by making translations for the MediaWiki documentation.


I've managed several bots, primarily for minor edits and maintenance purposes. You can find additional details on their respective user pages.


I have created new items on numerous occasions with the aim of expanding existing collections.


Wikimedia Commons

I have been involved in assessing the copyright status of multimedia content uploaded for various projects. I've contributed by uploading files that are either in the public domain or released under free licenses from other websites. Additionally, I have shared original files and photos of my own.

You can explore several galleries to discover my unique contributions.

Galleries (by type)

Galleries (by location)


I collaborated in advocating for the establishment of Spanish Wikivoyage alongside numerous other supporters, including Patricio Lorente.


Wikimedia Meta-Wiki

Among various types of edits, my primary focus has been on translating the Tech News.

Wikimedia Incubator

This is the place where Spanish Wikivoyage originated, and my initial involvement with the project began right here. I seized the opportunity to propose the initiation of testing for Spanish Wikivoyage and played a role in guiding fellow editors through the necessary steps for a swift project release.

Wikimedia Outreach

I believe this project serves as an excellent opportunity to promote the main Wikimedia Projects. It would be wonderful if we could translate all their material into Spanish.