Prezent Simplu Modificare

Subiect + vb prima forma

I do lol

Prezent Perfect Continuu Modificare

S(subiect) + have + been + V(verb)+ terminatia "-ing"

I have been seeing him

Trecut Continuu Modificare

was/ were + vb - ing I was doing

Trecut Perfect Modificare

had + past participle (a-III-a forma)

Trecut Perfect Continuu Modificare

had + been + vb cu terminatia "-ing"

I had been seeing him all the week.

Viitor Simplu Modificare

will/would + infinitiv

I will sing.

Viitor Continuu Modificare

will + be + infinitiv + ing

I will be swiming .

Viitor Perfect Modificare

will + have + aIII-a forma /ed

I will have had a car.

Viitor Perfect Continuu Modificare

will + have + been + vb cu terminatia "-ing"

I will have been waiting you for a day...